Issuance of Credentialing Request Form


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March 11, 2015 When Superseded 31  


This DPM instruction is being issued to inform and officially distribute to District government agencies the credentialing request form developed by the Department of Human Resources (DCHR). Employee identification badges can only be issued by DCHR following receipt of the signed and approved credentialing request form referenced in this instruction.

NOTE:The form attached to this DPM instruction replaces any previously issued forms relating to credentialing. The use of any credentialing forms issued prior to the date of this instruction is to be discontinued and the forms discarded.

Request for Identification Badge


  1. District government employees in need of a new identification badge or a replacement badge are to:
    1. Complete the D.C. Standard Form (DCSF) No. 31A-01, Credential Identification Request Form (Rev. 3/2015), for a first-time request for an identification badge or for a replacement identification badge.
    2. Submit the completed and signed DCSF No. 31A-01 to the agency head (or his or her designee) for review and signature.
    3. Bring the completed (and signed) form to the Department of Human Resources' Customer Care Center. Only original forms will be accepted.
    4. Provide another form of valid identification (i.e. unexpired driver's license, unexpired non-driver's identification, etc.) at the time the application is submitted to DCHR.
  2. DCHR will complete the following process:
    1. The Credentialing Staff, DCHR, will provide employees with a new or replacement badge upon receipt of the request form. Identification badges are provided in-person only.
    2. DCHR will maintain electronic copies of credentialing request forms.

Access to Electronic Form

For convenience, District government employees may access the DCSF No. 31A-01 on DCHR's website at under the "Forms and Applications" link on the homepage.


Information provided on the DSCF No. 31A-01 and any documents or proofs provided as attachments to this form will be safeguarded and maintained in a confidential manner.

Additional Information

Questions relating to the provisions contained in this DPM instruction may be directed to DCHR's Business Operations Group (BOG) by calling (202) 442-9700, or via email at


  1. I-31A-7