Management Supervisory Service (MSS) - Guidance Concerning Actions Resulting from MSS Employees No Longer Serving as Managers/Supervisors; or Due to the Abolishment of the MSS Position


Effective Date: Expiration Date: Chapters:
Nov. 20, 2012 When Superseded 38  


Note: This Electronic-District Personnel Manual (E-DPM) Instruction supersedes E-DPM Instruction No. 38-2, Management Supervisory Service (MSS) Employees No Longer Serving as Managers/Supervisors, dated August 26, 2002, for the purpose of updating provisions contained in the issuance.

The purpose of this instruction is to provide guidance to agencies under the personnel authority of the Mayor regarding the appropriate action(s) to take when Management Supervisory Service (MSS) employees cease to have managerial/supervisory responsibilities, or the MSS position is abolished.


  1. I-38-28