Policy Development and Training Requests


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July 25, 2022 When Superseded 1  


The District of Columbia Department of Human Resources (DCHR) relies on agency feedback to ensure the District's HR policies serve a meaningful impact to improve and enhance an agency's ability to fulfill its mission. The District government provides a diverse wealth of services to agencies with different needs and requirements. Agencies may find their human resources operations would improve if a new policy were implemented. This issuance provides procedures for agencies to request the development of new policies, as well as procedures for agencies to request training from DCHR regarding specific policies in the District Personnel Manual.

Requesting a New Policy

Agencies may request DCHR’s Policy and Compliance Administration to develop a new policy or modify an existing policy that would benefit the District government’s operations. To submit a request, agencies should prepare the following information:

  1. Identify the Need. Clearly identify the agency’s current process and operational deficiency that necessitates the development of a new policy.
  2. Propose the new Policy. Provide draft language for the new policy and a detailed overview of how the new policy would work. Consider the following factors:
    1. What would the new policy do?
    2. How would the policy be enforced?
    3. What are the benefits of the policy?
    4. What are the downsides of the policy?
  3. Provide an Impact Statement. Provide a statement on how the proposed policy would benefit your agency’s operations, and whether another agency could be affected by the proposed policy. If so, describe the potential impact the policy would have on other agencies.

After compiling the needed information, agencies can submit an electronic request to DCHR using the Policy Suggestions and Training Request Form.

Requesting Training

When necessary, DCHR may provide additional training to agencies on specific policy topics at their request. Agencies may request training from DCHR’s policy team by completing our request form. Please note training sessions are subject to availability.

Issued by Interim Director E. Lindsey Maxwell II, Esq., D.C. Department of Human Resources on July 25, 2022, midnight