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Oct. 17, 2018 When Superseded 11   19  


Note: This District Personnel Manual (DPM) Instruction Supersedes DPM Bulletin No. 11B-89 &; 19-8 (same title), effective March 15, 2017. This issuance sets the time limit for requesting quality salary increases (QSI) based on recorded performance evaluations. This issuance also clarifies that agencies should finalize in PeopleSoft, the underlying evaluation justifying the increase, prior to making the QSI request.

A quality salary increase is used to recognize and reward employees who demonstrate exceptional performance. This instruction provides general information on the payment of quality salary increases and the approval process.

Quality Salary Increase

Quality salary increases are awarded in addition to regular within-grade increases.  A quality salary increase may be authorized only once within a 12-month period. A quality salary increase shall not impact an employee’s waiting period for a regular within-grade increase. District government employees who meet the eligibility requirements specified below may receive a quality salary increase.

Eligibility Requirements

A District government employee is eligible to receive a quality salary increase if he or she:

  1. Is a full-time or part-time permanent employee in the Career, Educational, or Legal Services who is entitled to regular within-grade increases, but has not reached the maximum step of his or her grade;
  2. Has at least six (6) months of creditable service beyond the end of the probationary period;
  3. Has demonstrated sustained high quality performance ; and
  4. Received a finalized performance rating, as documented in PeopleSoft, at the level of highly effective performer or role model (or equivalent) on his or her performance evaluation for the preceding fiscal year.


  1. Quality salary increases shall not be issued within six (6) months following the effective date of a promotion;
  2. Quality salary increases shall not be issued for performance evaluations that have not been finalized in PeopleSoft for the preceding fiscal year, unless specifically authorized in writing by the personnel authority;
  3. An employee who is at the maximum step of his or her position shall not be eligible for a quality increase; and
  4. An employee who received a quality increase or monetary incentive award for performance in accordance with the provisions contained in Chapter 19 of the D.C. personnel regulations, Incentive Awards, shall not be eligible to receive a quality increase for the same rating period.

Quality Salary Increases Awarded

The personnel authority may authorize a quality salary increase only once within a twelve (12) month period based on a finalized performance rating for the preceding fiscal year, as follows:

Performance Evaluation Number of Steps
Highly Effective Performer or Equivalent One (1)
Role Model or Equivalent Two (2)


Approval of Quality Increases

  1. Once a determination has been made to grant a quality increase, an employing agency will complete a DCSF No. 11B-11, Request for Quality Increase (copy attached), along with a written justification, and submit the documentation to the personnel authority for approval.
  2. Upon receiving the DCSF No. 11B-11, the personnel authority shall:
    1. Review the written justification submitted by the agency citing specific examples of the employee’s exceptional service, and supporting documentation concerning the employee’s most recent official performance rating;
    2. Verify that the employee’s most recent performance rating prior to the granting of the quality increase is “Highly Effective Performer,” “Role Model,” or equivalent;
    3. Verify that the request submitted for the employee is at least six (6) months beyond the completed required probationary period, if applicable;
    4. Verify that the employee has not received a promotion within the past six (6) months;
    5. Verify that the employee has not received a quality increase or monetary incentive award under Chapter 19 of the regulations for performance during the same rating period of the proposed quality increase;
    6. Verify that the employee is not at the maximum step of his or her position;
    7. Verify that the employee’s agency has confirmed in writing the availability of funds;
    8. Verify that the employee’s performance rating for the preceding fiscal year has been finalized in PeopleSoft or that the personnel authority has excused this requirement in writing; and
    9. Approve or disapprove the agency’s request, and notify the agency in writing of the determination.
  3. Approved requests shall be processed in accordance with established procedures.

Processing Requirement

Subordinate agencies shall submit a scanned version of the DCSF 11B-11 and written justification to D.C. Department of Human Resources (DCHR) Human Resources Solution Administration at dchr.recruitment@dc.gov.



Section 1156 of Chapter 11B of the D.C. Personnel Regulations, Compensation.


  1. DCSF No. 11B-11 Request for Quality Increase (Rev. 8-18)
  2. I-2018-15

Issued by Director Ventris C. Gibson, D.C. Department of Human Resources on Oct. 17, 2018, midnight