Request For Superior Qualifications and Exceptions


Effective Date: Expiration Date: Chapters:
Nov. 29, 2012 When Superseded 11  


Note: This Electronic District Personnel Manual (E-DPM) instruction rescinds E-DPM Instruction No.11B-70, Superior Qualifications Appointments in the Career and Management Supervisory Service, dated June 29, 2009; and DPM Instruction No. 8-59, Time-in-Grade Requirments and Restrictions dated August 29, 2008.

The purpose of this Electronic-District Personnel Manual (E-DPM) instruction is:

  1. To issue DCSF No 11B-10, Request for Superior Qualifications/Salary Exception Form;
  2. To abolish forms DCSF 08-01, Request for Waiver of Time-In-Grade Requirment (Career Service (White-Collar) Positions Only) and DCSF No. 11B-01, Request for Superior Qualifications Appointment / Salary Exception (Open Range Salary Schedule); and
  3. To provide general guidelines for the use of DCSF No. 11B-10.


  1. E-DPM Instruction No. 11B-84