Setting Pay Provisions Open Range Salary Schedules


Effective Date: Expiration Date: Chapters:
June 29, 2009 When Superseded 11  

Purpose and Applicability

Note: This Electronic District Personnel Manuel (E-DPM) Instruction supersedes DPM Instruction No. 11B-60, same subject, dated May 30, 2008, for the main purpose of providing a revised form for agencies to complete when requesting approval of salary exceptions for positions paid under open range salary schedules (see Paragraph 4 below).

This instruction informs agencies of the pay-setting rules for appointments (new and otherwise) to positions paid under the three (3) open range salary schedules (see Definitions) described below, to include:

  • Appointments at grade levels CS-15 and above to non-union positions in the Career Service;
  • Appointments to positions in the Excepted Service;
  • Appointments to positions in the Management Supervisory Service; and
  • Movements from salary or rate schedules with steps, to open range salary schedules.


  1. I-11B-71