Severance Pay


Effective Date: Expiration Date: Chapters:
April 25, 2012 When Superseded 11  


NOTE: This Electronic-District Personnel Manual (E-DPM) Instruction supersedes E-DPM Instruction No. 11B-81, (same title), dated April 18, 2012, for the purpose of correcting the section and effective date referenced in section 1 of the prior instruction.  

The purpose of this Electronic-District Personnel Manual (E-DPM) Instruction is to remove employees serving in the Management Supervisory Service from section 1 a -Table -Severance Pay-Eligible Employees. Section 2(t) of the District of Columbia Government Comprehensive Merit Personnel Amendment Act of 2012, effective March 14, 2012, eliminated Management Supervisory Service employees from being eligible to receive severance pay in accordance with section 1148 of Chapter 11 of the D.C. personnel regulations, Compensation. 


  1. I-11B-82