Suitability - General Information Guide


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Dec. 17, 2015 When Superseded 4  


Note: This instruction supersedes DPM Instruction No. 39-2, Policy for the Mandatory Drug and Alcohol Testing of Employees who Serve Children and Youth (Policy) - Amendment, dated April 28, 2010. As a result, the previously issued guide by way of Instruction 39-2 is to be discontinued and discarded.

The General Suitability Guide provides procedural guidance on administering the D.C. government Suitability program as outlined in Chapter 4 of the D.C. Personnel Regulations, Suitability

Using the Guide

The purpose of the Suitability General Information Guide is to ensure that suitability screenings are carried out in a manner consistent with personnel regulations on general suitability and enhanced suitability checks, in accordance with Chapter 4 of the D.C. personnel regulations, Suitability. Upon receiving this guide, you should (1) discard and discontinue the use of prior forms related to suitability based on Chapter 4, Organization and Personnel Management and Chapter 39, Testing for the Presence of Controlled Substances and Alcohol; and (2) review and familiarize yourself with the new provisions and forms.

Additional Information

For additional information concerning this instruction, please contact the D.C. Department of Human Resources, Policy and Compliance Administration, by calling (202) 442-9700 or by sending an e-mail to


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