Voluntary Separations (Resignations and Retirements)

I-8-53, 9-25, 36-3 & 38-12

Effective Date: Expiration Date: Chapters:
March 26, 2008 When Superseded 2   9   36   38  


NOTE: This DPM instruction supersedes DPM Instruction No. 8-51, 9-23, 36-2 & 38-10, Voluntary Separations (Resignations and Retirements), dated November 9, 2007, to add information about the withdrawal of retirement applications.

The purpose of this instruction is to provide guidance to subordinate agencies on voluntary separations. This instruction does not cover: (1) advance written notices to employees on involuntary separations pursuant to Chapter 16 of the D.C. personnel regulations, General Discipline and Grievances, or pursuant to Chapter 24 of the regulations, Reductions in Force; or (2) movement of employees between subordinate agencies when the action is processed without a break in service.


  1. I-8-53, 9-25, 36-3 & 38-12